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Find the Right Spa for You

Find the spas that are right for you. A good one can help you transform your life.

Hi. My name is Jim Kitzmiller. Shortly after a huge life upheaval, I found myself managing a tiny resort near Palm Springs. This turned out to be one of the most beneficial, transforming experiences of my life.

I’ve been able to hang out in a peaceful environment, take a fresh look at what’s important, meet an endless series of wonderful people, and let go of a lot of feelings that didn’t serve me.

The purpose for this web site is to help you experience life changing benefits comparable to my own.

Benefits of the Soaking Environment

This is a very personal matter. We each have our own priorities. Here is what I’ve experienced.

In my estimation, the greatest benefit is the people. The people who show up are all amazing, each in their own different way.

Many are building their careers. Many are changing careers. Many are actively making the world a better place.

They go on excursions to a nearby national forest and frequently talk about their adventure. Or they stay in their rooms and catch up on long overdue sleep. They meditate. Couples have reported on saving their relationships.

Almost everyone reports on the tremendous feeling of relaxation.

The right one provides all that for you.

The Right Spa For You

This is a matter of personal taste. Some people insist on high end accommodations. Others go by the feeling they get and don’t care about how fancy the rooms are. A few months ago, a fancy hotel guest ventured into our tiny, rustic resort in the middle of the afternoon. He arranged to stay for a few hours to soak. He never went back to the fancy hotel until the next morning to get his stuff!

There is so much to tell you.

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