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Tips for Choosing Genuine Remy Indian Hair

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Most people see Remy Indian hair extensions as the best type that is available on the market. Genuine Remy consists of 100% real human hair and it is seen superior because of the intact cuticles. This sort of hair is different from the synthetic one due to the fact that it is aligned in the extension with the cuticles orientated in the same direction and this means smoother, healthier-looking and shiner hair which is more manageable and also lasts longer.

Choosing the appropriate Remy Indian hair extensions can be a challenging job and that is why, before purchasing, you should pay attention to the exact type of Remy hair you are searching for and the final result you want to obtain. When it comes to hairstyles, women will have at their disposal various options. However, the most common are the long, clean hairstyle, the curly, the wavy, the unusually style, and ultimately the long pony tails.

Every woman wants to have long beautiful hair. When nature cannot give you that because your hair is way too sensitive, wings are an excellent alternative. Ergo, one of the most common styles is the straight, long Remy. We can see it everywhere and we are often intrigued. It that real hair or is it a Remy?

Another hairstyle is the long, curly Indian Remy. Every woman with straight hair wants curly hair. If your hair is impossible to curl, opting for Remy Indian hair extensions is certainly the best solution. But how about the unusual style? We live in a world of diversity, a world of innovation where every woman wants to be different.

Therefore, the unusual Remy style means short in the back and long in the front. The color should match to perfection in order to give a certain impression of sophistication. Last but not least, we have the Remy pony tails. In order to make a statement they should be really long.

Different types of Remy Indian Hair

You can find two main sorts of Remy Indian hair extensions: virgin hair and non-virgin Indian hair. The thing about virgin hair is that it hasn’t suffered any chemical procedures and it presents the same texture and color from the moment it was cut from the donor’s head. On the other hand, non-virgin Remy Indian hair has faced some chemical processes, which involved changing its color and style. The virgin hair seems to be of the best quality, but if your hair isn’t black or dark brown and wavy, there are only a few chances for you to find the extensions to match your natural hair. When it comes to nonvirgin hair, texture and color can be altered in order to suit your own hair better.

Then, you have to decide whether you are looking for single or double-drawn Remy Indian hair extensions. As far as the single-drawn hair is concerned, it hasn’t been sorted for length, which means you will get different lengths of hair in the extension bundle. In case your hair is curly or layered, your overall style won’t face a significant change due to the differing lengths. Also, this sort of Remy Indian hair is somewhat cheaper. When it comes to double-drawn bundles, they have been sorted and all the hairs have the same length. This represents a good option if you want a straighter, smoother style.

Choose Colors Close to Your Natural Shade

If you are interested in getting a natural look, you have to opt for a texture and color that are related to yours. There are various sources of Remy Indian hair extensions and obviously, they have various textures. For instance, European Remy hair has a finer texture that the Indian one, and Chinese Remy hair appears to be straighter than the Brazilian one. If you want to check whether the extensions will suit your natural hair, you have to hold a piece of the extension up to your own hair and then, run your fingers through it. If you can see a blend between these two sections, it means those hair extensions represent a good option for you.

Consider different lengths

If you want to add a trendy color to your hair, matching the color becomes less important, but you should still pay attention for the texture to be similar to yours in order to obtain a sophisticated look. When you choose the length of the extensions you want to buy, do it based on how long you would like your hair to be in the end. There are numerous lengths of Remy hair Indian extensions available on the market. It is advisable to purchase a length a little bit longer than the one you are planning to get because in most of the cases, extensions have to be cut after the application in order to blend in. If you have the possibility, opt for hand-wefted pieces because there are less bulky that the machine tied ones.

Buy Remy Indian Hair Extensions from Reliable Vendors Only

In the end, purchase the extensions from a trustworthy source that has the possibility to prove they are authentic. The best thing you can do is to buy them from hair shops or salon because this way, you will have the chance to feel and see the hair’s quality before buying it. Of course, you can also buy your extensions online, but you won’t have the possibility to examine the product until you have paid for it, and once you have opened the package, it is kind of difficult to return it. I get my Indian hair from here: https://mybrazilianhair.co.za/collections/indian-hair. So far they have not let me down so if you are looking for a reliable source give them a try.

You should know that Indian Remy hair is considered the best in the extensions industry. There is a wide range of types of Indian Remy hair and you have to choose the one that is suitable for you.


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