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Best Clawfoot Tubs (Top 5 Brands & Models)

If you’re remodeling your bathroom and you would like to get a clawfoot tub installed but you don’t know which brands and models are the best, don’t worry because this article is going to outline some of the best clawfoot tabs in the market. Pick the one that will best suit your needs and preferences.

Choosing a Clawfoot Tub

Naturally, most people go for the elegant, stylish and traditionally styled clawfoot tubs. However, if you are hoping to add both sophistication and style to your bathroom, then installing a clawfoot tub is the way to go. The tubs are an ideal way to remain stylish and still remain true to the original design of the room.

With the aesthetic nature of clawfoot tubs during the heydays, only a few could be regarded to as stylish statement pieces. However, in the modern age, there are different kinds of tubs to choose from. The following are different styles available in the market.


ClassicThis is the most popular style for clawfoot tubs. They were manufactured in large numbers from 1890 to 1940. You can choose a classic design that either has a flat or straight rim with a curled lip which goes all round the frame of the tub.

Double Ended

Double endedThe design of this tub is very similar to the classic tub. The difference is brought about by its freestanding showerhead and faucet. Unlike in the classic tub, they are located in the middle (hence the name double ends) instead of being at the head.

Single Slipper

Single SlipperThe single slipper tub is the perfect pick for you if you’d like to get a good lean and be able to relax when using it. The tub is edge is raised higher on one end. The raised edge is perfectly suited for resting your head and back.

Double Slipper

Double SlipperAs implied by its name, the double slipper tub has high backs at both ends. This is a good tub for couple baths.

With the above information, you now know the kind of clawfoot tub you’d like to have installed in your bathroom. To assist you further, below is a list of the top 5 picks available in the market. The information is inclusive of the length in which the product tiles last, the length of the inside as well as the outside part of the tub.

Best Clawfoot Tub Brands and Models

1The Tub Connection 6.1” Slipper “Chariton”Check Price9.5
2Pelham & White 6.0” ClawfootCheck Price9
3The Tub Connection 5.8” Swedish “Holt”Check Price9
4The Tub Connection 6.7” Slipper “Clay”Check Price9
5Sinkology Heisenberg HandmadeCheck Price7

#1: The Tub Connection 6.1” Slipper “Chariton”

The Tub Connection 61″ Slipper “Chariton”The “Chariton” tub is the chart-topper clawfoot bathtub. It being from The Tub Connection brand isn’t a surprise since their products are actually good and solid. This tub offers you with solid construction from quality materials. It makes water stay warm for long periods of time plus its claw feet have a fantastic look.

These tubs are well made and you can decide to pick one with either oil rubbed bronze feet, chrome feet or nickel feet. To top everything up, the price is pocket friendly. This is an awesome clawfoot tub model. With enough said about this brand you should definitely go for it.

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#2: Pelham & White 6.0” Clawfoot

Pelham & White 60″ ClawfootAnother trustworthy brand of bathtubs in the market is the Pelham & white tub. This model in particular originates from the beautiful Brookdale collection. The tub is made with a slipper design and has a drain and brushed nickel ball as well as clawed feet.

This brand also doesn’t come with a faucet during purchase. However, if you would like one you can separately get a faucet made by the same company. While you’re at it, you can also get a bath pillow.

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#3: The Tub Connection 5.8” Swedish “Holt”

The Tub Connection 58″ Swedish “Holt”When it comes to clawfoot tubs, the Tub Connections is one of the most trustworthy bathtub brands. This model’s design incorporates a classic style. With a simple yet elegant design, the tub’s interior is porcelain while the exterior is cast iron which makes it easy to clean. The tub is designed with a freestanding faucet and is supported by chrome feet.

If you’re tall, this is not a good pick for you because it’s about 5.8” only. Go for a longer model of the same brand that will accommodate you well. However, if you’re short then this is the perfect pick for you. Given its striking, simple and clean nature, this tub will look good in any type of bathroom as it will add a touch of luxurious feel to it.

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#4: The Tub Connection 6.7” Slipper “Clay”

The Tub Connection 67″ Slipper “Clay”The Tub Connection model has an opulent of 6.7inches which makes it ideal for tall people to relax and enjoy their baths in a tub designed with a stylish and classic elegance. The exterior of the tub is made of cast iron while the interior is made of porcelain and it comes in a simple classic white. This model matches any kind of bathroom whether modern or traditional.

The tub is supported by brushed nickel feet and is also made with a freestanding faucet. This model will provide you with the opportunity to have a bathroom styled in a fresh, modern and luxurious way with the right centerpiece. If you want to have style without ostentation, then this might the right bathtub for you.

Although this model doesn’t come with its own faucet holes, you’ll be required to separately purchase and order your own freestanding faucet.

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#5: Sinkology Heisenberg Handmade

Sinkology Heisenberg HandmadeThe solid antique copper design, this clawfoot tub will add a touch of classic style and timeless elegance to your bathroom. Since the bathtubs from Sinkology are handmade and hand finished, you’re sure of purchasing something that is completely unique.

The tub offers a long, deep bath and can easily accommodate tall people leaving enough room for them to stretch out and soak in without any problem. The model is designed using the slipper style so you’ll be able to relax and enjoy soaking in this special tub.

Most of the bathtubs available in the market are normally white but if you don’t mind having something different (and the concept and color go with your bathroom) this copper tub will be a perfect pick for you.

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