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best fogless shower mirrors

Best Fogless Shower Mirrors

We all have one of those days that we run late for work simply because we kept on hitting the snooze button. You then have to take a quick shower and wait for the fog to clear from the mirror. You end up wiping it, only for the mist to form almost immediately. This makes you give up on getting you hair and makeup done, so you just do what you can to get you through the day. You then wake up only to realize that you were just dreaming because you just bought a fogless bathroom mirror.

Having a fogless mirror in the bathroom will save you a lot of time and effort since mist doesn’t form on them. A good fogless bathroom mirror will provide you with the perfectly clear view for an easy shave and thorough make up job.

What is a Fogless Shower Mirror?

Fogging always happens on clear surfaces after having a hot shower in area that is enclosed such as a bathroom. Fogless shower mirrors are built in a manner that prevents water droplets from forming on the treated surface. Condensation is what makes the fogging process effective on mirrors.

Fogless shower mirrors are treated using anti-fogging chemicals that are put on the silver surface of the mirror or by heating the mirror manually. Depending on your preferences, you can decide to have either a regular mirror or a fogless mirror in your bathroom.

The Best Fogless Shower Mirrors

Below is a list of the best top 5 picks of fogless shower mirror available in the market. They have been tested, thoroughly researched on and backed up by numerous reviews from customers who have used the products. The ones listed are trustworthy but you can also read the reviews so that you can learn about the pros and cons and be able to pick what suits you best.

1Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee by Toilet Tree ProductsCheck Price9.5
2Deluxe Shave Well Fog-Free Shaving MirrorCheck Price8
3Brookstone Fogless Shower MirrorCheck Price8
4Fogless Shower Mirror by CassaniCheck Price7.5
5InterDesign Forma Bathroom Shower Suction Fog Free Mirror Razor HolderCheck Price7

#1: Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee by Toilet Tree Products

This is the top pick on the list because it is the most popular product in the market. The mirror is rectangular in shape and has the measurements of 8.5”x2.6”x9”. It has three different frame colors: White, Silver and Black. It comes with a squeegee (for easy cleaning). The mirror has a built-in shelf where you can store your shaving accessories for easy accessibility.

This fogless shower mirror is made of high quality shatter proof acrylic. The reflection may not be as clear as what you would get from a regular glass mirror because plastic doesn’t become perfectly smooth. On the bright side, the mirror will never break no matter the number of times it is dropped.

ToiletTree shower mirror guarantees its customers that it is free from stain and rust therefore it won’t your bathroom walls or door. The mirror is light and very portable (you can travel with it). There is also an LED version which is a good alternative. The difference between the two versions is that the basic one is 20% larger and has LED lights on the frame.

Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee by ToiletTree Products


This fogless mirror by ToiletTree works in a different way. There is a water chamber on back part of the mirror which is meant to be filled with hot water before every shower. This is because the hot water ensures that the mirror is at the same temperature as the bathroom once steam begins to kick in.

The mirror won’t be able to fog up because condensation cannot form on an equally hot surface. The structure of the mirror makes it easy for you dismount the mirror and also access the water chamber. The squeegee comes in handy for cleaning the mirror after filling the water chamber with hot water. The mirror will then maintain its clear form as long as the temperature doesn’t change.

Though the mirror might appear to need a lot of work before using it, it’s not such a big price to pay for you to have a perfectly good fogless shower mirror. It only takes 5 to 7 seconds to fill up the water chamber which is lesser time as compared to waiting for a fogged up mirror to become clear.


The ToiletTree shower mirror has a removable silicone double sided and adhesive tape. Though it sounds quite flimsy, the mirror is not as heavy as you may think (it weighs about 13.4 ounces) because it is made of plastic.


ToiletTree offers its customers with a 100% free 30 day money back guarantee for this product.

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#2: Deluxe Shave Well Fog-Free Shaving Mirror

Deluxe Shave Well Fog-Free Shaving MirrorThe Deluxe fogless shower mirror measures 6.83”x5.25”. Although the mirror is small in size, it’s just perfect to be used for shaving while in the shower. The mirror has an interesting design which doesn’t include a frame. The Deluxe Shave Well mirror can best be described as a short, wide dogtag that’s hanging from a hook. The lack of frame option is not as dangerous as it may sound since the mirror is made of plastic.

The mirror being plastic means that it won’t give you a very clear reflection like what you would get from a glass mirror. However, the mirror is light and portable and cannot be shattered easily when dropped.


There are three noteworthy features that could make this mirror the best fogless shaving mirror in the market. First, the mirror works using basic science. You are able to unhook it and put it under a hot water shower where it gets warmed up. Once the mirror is warm, its temperature prevents any pesky condensation from fogging up the surface. You can then hook it and proceed to use it. This is basically the same principle as the ToiletTree’s heated water mirror the only difference is that you soak the mirror instead of filling it with water.

Second, to be able to clean the mirror, you’ll be required to wet it and then wipe it using toothpaste. This method will prevent water droplets from sticking onto the surface of your mirror.

Lastly, although it doesn’t relate to using the mirror, the Shave Well shower mirrors are made in China, but they are assembled at Sunshine Industries. Sunshine Industries is a vocational training facility for people with disabilities in Tennessee. This is just a good human element to have in mind.


The mirror has a plastic hook which you can stick on the wall using adhesive. The mirror can then be hanged on the hook. The mirror’s easy detachment from the hook is necessary for the regular anti-fogging soak you’re required to do before using it.


The Shave Well fogless mirror has an impressive promise  that guarantees the customer ultimate satisfaction.

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#3: Brookstone Fogless Shower Mirror

This mirror is a quirky entry to the list. A little pricy than its competitors found in the market, Brookstone fogless shower mirror is definitely a premium product. It’s an especially good mirror that can be used for shaving.

The mirror measures 11.8”x9.4”x3.1” and it’s made from polished stainless steel. The mirror’s reflective side doesn’t offer you a clear reflection like a glass mirror would. However, it cannot be shattered when dropped. The fogless shower mirror has a squeegee (that you can use to clean the surface) and a razor holder.


The Brookstone shower mirror has various interesting features like a reservoir cup on the back part. The reason behind this is to fill it up with hot water which in turn will heat up the mirror. Heating up the mirror prevents condensation from occurring on the reflective side which then prevents it from fogging.

This feature needs more effort than the mirrors that are coated with anti-fogging chemicals which can be used directly. The benefit of this feature is that it will work forever unlike the anti-fogging chemical which can easily be scraped or wear off with time.

The mirror also comes with chin LED lights which contain a 5 minute auto shut-off feature. The lights need 4 AA batteries that are purchased separately. The batteries are not included in the package because there are people who prefer using rechargeable batteries which are also environment friendly.

Brookstone Fogless Shower Mirror


The mirror has a metal wire and 3 suction cups that can be used to hook it up. Remember to use the suction cup on a smooth, polished surface. The best part about installing this mirror is that if the suction cups fail, you can always use the metal wire which is a form of insurance that it won’t keep falling down.


The Brookstone fogless shower mirror comes with a one year warranty.

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#4: Fogless Shower Mirror by Cassani

Fogless Shower Mirror by CassaniThis is another trustworthy contender. The Cassani fogless shower mirror unlike most of other competitor available in the market is oval in shape. Cassani refer to it as the ‘modern facial contour design’ and with its newly improved design, a lot of customers love it.

Its shape is large enough to accommodate your face’s height and width and still optimize space. It measures 7.5”x5.7”x0.1” and is available in only one frame color; Silver. The mirror has a stainless steel hook where you can hang your razors or other things.

It is made of plastic, meaning that it is very similar to the InterDesign fogless shower mirror. Also your reflection won’t be as sharp and clear like when using a glass mirror. Plastic doesn’t have a smooth reflective surface like the one found on glass. On the bright side, the mirror doesn’t shatter when dropped on the ground.


The most unique factor with the Cassani shower mirror is its anti-fogging function. The mirror is made using a patented anti-fog nanotechnology which is directly infused into the silver surface. This is what makes the mirror work without getting foggy. You can enjoy using the mirror without having to wipe off water and mist from it.


The mirror has a stainless steel wall mount which you can use to stick it on the wall. The wall mount is strong enough to accommodate the weight of the mirror. Make sure that you clean and dry the surface where you intend to place the wall mount before applying it. Note that the hook can only be used once.


Cassani fogless shower mirror comes with a 100% free refund guarantee that should be done within 30 days.

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#5: InterDesign Forma Bathroom Shower Suction Fog Free Mirror Razor Holder

InterDesign Forma Bathroom Shower Suction Fog Free Mirror Razor HolderThe InterDesign fogless mirror is available in three different colors; Brushed Stainless Steel, Bronze and Satin. It has the dimensions of 6.2×2.5×11 inches. The mirror is rectangular in shape and has curved edges. It has two hooks that you can use to hang your razors on. It also comes with an inbuilt curved shelf that can be used to hold thing like a shaving cream can.

Unlike the other competing brands in the market, this fogless shower mirror is made of stainless steel. Its weight is significantly different from the one of a plastic mirror. Since the mirror is not made of glass, it’s not as clear as a glass mirror. However, stainless steel never breaks (no matter how hard you stomp on it or the number of times you drop it) plus they have the anti-fogging effect.


The InterDesign fogless mirror works without any added effort required. This is what makes it one of the best fogless shower mirrors especially when you’re in a hurry. The mirror works because it has treated surfaces. Excessive rubbing on the mirror may remove the chemicals used for anti-fogging. Make sure that keep the mirror away from places where it can become wet so that you don’t need to keep wiping it off.


The InterDesign fogless mirror has shower cups that you can use to attach onto smooth, non-porous surfaces. Since the mirror is made of stainless steel, it’s a little heavier and will ultimately be strenuous to the suction cups. You’ll therefore be required to stick it on smooth surfaces that are clean and dry such as a glass bathroom door or bathroom tiles. Alternatively, you can simply hang it up using a rope.


There’s still no clear information regarding the warranty of this product.

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