best freestanding bathtubs

5 Best Freestanding Bathtubs

You can use a classy and stylish freestanding tub to transform a small space into a statement room. Home décor, especially bathroom space, isn’t something that can be ignored in the 21 st century. Not having enough space shouldn’t hinder you from purchasing the right bathtub, accessories and fixtures for your bathroom. You can still try to add a touch of luxurious sophistication and style to your home. A stylish and well-designed bathroom can turn your morning routine into a pleasurable time and your after-work bath will be full of pure relaxation.

It doesn’t really matter if you have a lot of space to make a statement with an elegantly designed clawfoot tub or a freestanding bathtub, or you’re simply for a something stylish to save some space with like an alcove tub. Below is a review of some of the best freestanding bathtubs you can use to raise the status of your bathroom space and at the same time transform it into relaxing and stylish room.

Best Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are easy to position in a way that will create maximum impact to your bathroom. They normally have separate freestanding faucets that let water flow in whatever angle you prefer. This type of tubs can easily be moved around when empty. This is what makes them ideal for home use because you can easily push the tub aside and clean the space around and underneath it. The following are some of the best freestanding bathtubs you can find in the market today:

#1: MAYKKE Barnet 61”

MAYKKE Barnet 61″The MAYKKE Barnet tub’s appearance is better in real life. The bathtub is of high-quality and heavy duty. The price is quite reasonable and without asking, you would go for it coz it looks expensive. It is 61 inches wide and has a capacity of 53 gallons.

This brand is praised for its easy installation and the ability to keep water warm for long. If you’d like to create your personal home spa experience, then this modern, stylish and beautiful bathtub is what you need.

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#2: AKYD F210 66”

AKDY F210 66″If you’re looking a stylish yet romantic look for your bathroom, then this that measures 66.9 inches long by 50.5 inches wide is exactly what you want. The tub comprises of a double wall and adjustable feet while the finishing is done in white acrylic. Its design makes it the perfect centerpiece, especially for a bathroom that is fashionably and cleverly designed.

With a capacity of 79 gallons, the bathtub is deep enough and ideal for sensual soaking (perfect for those ‘me-time’ sessions). However, you’ll have to purchase a freestanding faucet separately.

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#3: Eurotrend Luxury 71”

Eurotrend Luxury 71″This tub has the capacity of 50-60 gallons and is finishing is done in glossy white acrylic. The Eurotrend Luxury bathtub is a contemporary piece that will add a stylish statement while giving your bathroom a modern look.

The luxurious bathtub comes with adjustable feet that make it easy for you to position it for stability. It measures 71 inches long by 34 inches wide making it the perfect size for you to stretch out and relax in, especially if you are tall.

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#4: Kiva-Rhyme 59”

Kiva-Rhyme 59″The Kiva-Rhyme bathtub measures 59 inches long by 50 inches wide and has capacity of 55 gallons. This acrylic tub is designed with a stainless steel internal frame that keeps it shiny (for up to 10 years). The tub doesn’t come with faucets but you can purchase one separately from the wide range of free standing faucets available. If you select a good one, you can easily create a unique fashion statement with your bathtub and the accessories.

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#5: Eurotrend C-3004, 67”

Eurotrend C-3004 67″The Eurotrend C-3004 bathtub has clear and simple lines which make it ideal for both contemporary and traditional bathrooms. Its finishing is done by a glossy white acrylic and the internal frame is of stainless steel. With it adjustable feet, you can easily position the tub on uneven or sloppy surfaces.

Eurotrend has a capacity of 50-60 gallons and it measures 67 inches long and 28” wide. The price range is on the higher side but the tub is ideal for you if your building your house and don’t want to skimp on fittings and fixtures.

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