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shiatsu bestmassage chair review

Shiatsu BestMassage Chair Review

A bestmassage shiatsu recliner is a very large chair and if you are wondering if it is worth your money, this article will help you decide this.

Executive Summary

The BestMassage Shiatsu Recliner is the perfect chair given its price. It is made from durable materials that will provide you with numerous features which will help enhance your well-being. The device is able to distinguish different body shapes and adjust accordingly in order to provide you with the ultimate relaxing experience. The massage recliner’s track is long enough that it will reach down to the feet, also included are air cushions that specifically massage the neck. The chair is also heated.

Company Background

bestmassage logoBestMassage manufactures a wide variety of products that are meant to promote your health and well-being. The company had been in the industry for more than a decade. Apart from manufacturing its Shiatsu Recliner, BestMassage is also known to be the distributers of other spa supplies and accessories, massage tools as well as stationery and portable massage tables. The company also sells a wide range of lotions, oils and massage stones. They manufacture over 150 different products for their suppliers.\

BestMassage Shiatsu Recliner Specifications

Main Features

  • A wide range of massage styles which mimic the imitate the kneading motion of human hands
  • 60% increased rate of massages performed on all sides
  • Heater for the waist
  • An OPTO sensor that detects people’s shoulders
  • Zero gravity technology

bestmassage recliner


  • Power consumption: 240W
  • Recommended user height: (approximately) 5 or 6 inches
  • Recommended user weight (Max): 265 lbs
  • Weight (lbs) : approximately 250 lbs
  • HxWxD (inches): 55.1”x32.7”x47.2”

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The warranty for this device is limited to precisely 1 year because of the parts used


      i.)            Functional Shape

BestMassage Shiatsu Recliner is designed with a super long L-shaped massage track. This is the feature that enables the device to perform massages which are not only meant to relive tired neck muscles but it will also work on your hips.

functional shape

The massage track will also provide pressure gently to particular stress points found on your back in order to relieve spasms as well as other discomforts.

    ii.)            Zero-Gravity Technology

This is a very great feature to be included in any massage chair because it helps to relive pressure from your backbone and joints. Using a little pressure, your stress points can be targeted accurately by the massage rollers.

zero gravity technology

  iii.)            Priced Decently

The BestMassage Shiatsu Recliner is a popular pick amongst customers because it provides many functions given its price range. The functions include; custom massages for all body types, protection from an overheating motor and waist heat massages.

  iv.)            Multiple Massage Options

There are four different massage modes available in the recliner; Refresh, Relax, Recover and Extend. The different massage options are will help you deal with specific issues (problems) in different parts of your body.

The device comes with a control panel (remote like) which is attached to the recliner and can easily be moved around. For storage, a sleeve pocket is included on the left side of the recliner.

    v.)            Heater

This shiatsu recliner comes with a heater meant for the lower back. It can be a pleasurable treat, especially if you plan on lying down in order relieve your back pain and stiff waist after an exhausting day.

With this bonus feature, this recliner is perfectly suited for athletes and other people with pretty active lifestyles.


      i.)            Can Be Difficult to Get into a Building

If your door isn’t at least 36” wide, you won’t be able to get the recliner into your home, apart from that the device is quite heavy. You might be required to have two or more men to help you move the recliner around the house.

When purchasing this product, you’ll find that it is fully assembled with the exception of the leg and foot attachments. Since the recliner comes preassembled, you can choose to disassemble and reassemble it again without any difficulty. The only time you should opt to do this is when it can’t pass through your doorway.

    ii.)            Slightly Harsh Rollers

If you have low tolerance to pain or an overly sensitive body, the recliner’s foot rollers may feel a little uncomfortable to you. Although the foot rollers aren’t as intense as such, wearing a pair of socks will help the situation. If your back is slightly distressed, adding a little padding between the recliner and your back will relieve you.

However, if you’re hoping to experience a deeper massage, there are different modes set on the rollers that can provide you with different pressure levels. You can also press your feet down with a lot of pressure for extra relaxation.

  iii.)            Manufactured Overseas

The recliners is made in China and if you’re thinking that there is no problem with that then wait until you get the instruction manual. The manual is written in Chinese-English and you will probably have a difficult time trying to understand it especially if you’re not familiar with the language. Other than that, the product can be assembled easily so the instruction manual shouldn’t ruin your experience with the recliner.

BestMassage Shiatsu Recliner is the best choice for a massage chair. Apart from that, the chair is cheaper than other massage recliners, plus its ability to offer synergy using its humanized nodes is feature that will provide your back with the best bang. Naturally, the recliner is pretty great deal considering its feature and price.

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