benefits of petrissage massage

Benefits of Petrissage Massage

The benefits of Petrissage massage are important to the human body whether you’re an active sports person or not.

What is Petrissage Massage?

A lot of people normally mistake Petrissage as being a form of massage. However, the practice is just a series of movements such as skin rolling, kneading, knuckling, squeezing and pick-up-and-squeeze which are used to perform deep massages.

types of petrissage massage

Petrissage massage involves the use of the palm of your hand, fingers and even the thumbs in order to compress muscles and tissues against the bones or against each other within the body. The procedure is normally conducted using one or both hands and without the involvement of any lubricants. When lubricants are used in the massage, there are other specified techniques involved.

Check the video below for an overview of Petrissage massage:

5 Benefits of Petrissage Massage

#1. Breakdown of Adipose Tissue

The adipose is a connective tissue which is situated under the skin and is associated with the storage of excessive fat found in the body. Most massage therapists normally believe that by having Petrissage massage performed on the body, it will help to disperse the fats that are being stored in the adipose tissue. The movements involved in the technique will increase blood flow in the intended area.

Note that the studies undertaken regarding this technique are not many. Therefore, the best way you can lose fat as we all know is by being physically active and having proper eating habits.

#2. Improving Muscle Tone

If you have the technique performed regularly, it will help you to maintain the required amount of muscle tension especially when they are relaxed. This is known as muscle tone. Apart from the normal muscle tone, there are also low tone and high tone which are often found in people that have muscle disorders. Muscle tone is a kind of resistance performed by muscles when they are resting.

When Petrissage massage is being performed, the reflexes that are found in muscle fibers are normally mechanically stimulated. If you’re not physically active or don’t get enough exercise, you might want to consider including Petrissage massage to your health routines.

#3. Elimination of Waste Products

The other area in which the technique helps the skin is by eliminating waste products found in tissues, which in turn adds vitality to your original complexion. This is done through increased production of sweat which helps to eradicate urea as well as other waste materials through the surface of the skin. In short, regular sessions will help you look a little younger.

#4. Skin Stimulation

Petrissage massage has a lot of benefits on the skin. The kneading movements involved in the procedure will stimulate the skin and as a result, it glows. Rubbing of the skin can really revitalize slack skin making it radiate.

The deep massage movements performed are meant to minimize tension on the skin as well as boost circulation. It also improves the absorption of nutrients which in turn encourages the regeneration of skin cells.

Also, the movements can re-moisturize and soften dry skin. This is because they increase the amount of natural oils which are produced by the skin and as a result your end up having supple skin. The movements also strengthen the skin’s ability to resist infection. The technique will also enlarge the capillaries found on the surface which will help improve skin tone and color.

#5. Blood Circulation

Petrissage massage is good for improving blood circulation similarly like how exercising and working out normally boosts the distribution of blood in the human body. The procedure is very beneficial to the arteries, heart and muscles.




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