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best head massager

Best Head Massager (Top 5)

Scalp massagers are originally from India and are passed down through families as a tradition. The best way of finishing off your spa session is by using a good scalp massager. The device offers you complete relaxation brought about by the soothing, repetitive motion which eases your brain gently into a resting state naturally. Coincidentally, this is the state in which most people get their best ideas.

As it was originally used in India, cranial massage is normally used as part of complete medicine referred to as Ayurveda, which mainly focuses on getting the mind, body and soul to balance as well as promoting your well-being and longevity.

Scalp massages are available in a wide range of designs, styles and functionality. Below are some of the best massagers available in the market today. Depending on your preference, the list is meant to help you pick what will best suit your needs.

The 5 Best Head Massager Reviews 2018

#1 – Oster Stim U Lax

Oster Stim U Lax head massagerOster Stim-U-Lax unit has a sleek retro design that provides you with contemporary functionality and its outer casing is an attractive chrome shell that was designed with the help of ergonomics in mind. Massage therapists and barber shops have been using the unit for many years and its motor and spring make it move up and down which in turn provide you with numerous massage movements per minute.

A major drawback brought about by the Oster Stim massager is the power switch which is situated in such a way that it can come into contact with the side of your crown while using the device. You’re required to pay attention while using the massager which tends to turn itself off which interferes with the whole concept of total relaxation.

The unit is also quite heavy and is better operated when someone else is using it on you, which will give you better results as you will enjoy the whole experience. The Stim-U-Lax is the best suited for people with establishments such as spas and barber shops because it is operated by someone else for the comfort of their customers.

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#2 – iHausPlus Double

iHausPlus Double head massagerThe iHausPlus unit has an ergonomic design that features a fully customizable percussion function. The unit’s has a heavy duty electric motor that can transmit up to 3,350 in every second, in turn providing you with a very thorough deep massage.

Generally, you can use the unit over the whole body and not just as a massage tool because some customers found that it particularly helps with any pain linked to the fibromyalgia. As required for all home treatment, however simple it may be, ensure you’ve discussed using the iHausePluse unit with your physician before you even consider buying it.

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#3 – Essential Tension Headache Trigger Point Tool

Essential Tension Headache Trigger Point ToolUnlike the models that offer simple relaxation, the Essential Tension scalp massager is designed so that it can offer you with relief from tension headaches. Tension headaches are very common and the pain will often get in the way of both your leisure and working hours, leaving you with an unpleasant experience.

The Essential Tension model is available in four different colors, allowing you to choose what you prefer. The colors range from a sand-swept beige to a deep teal, leaving you with something to choose from. The Essential Tension device is two-piece unit that is portable and solidly built, it comprises of a top cushion and a base, that would have been better (and bit easier to use) as a single piece unit.

Some customers find the device to be a little uncomfortable. Although the unit necessitates a high pain brink, if you experience regular tension headaches then probably you already have the ability to tolerate pain and you’ll therefore welcome any kind of pain relief.

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#4 – The Happy Massager

The Happy MassagerIf you’re looking for a portable and simple massager that you can use for a quick once over from time to time, this traditional scalp massager from Happy Company is the best product for you. It is a wooden ball constructed using a simple design that has a cherry smiley face painted on its center grip. The Happy Company scalp massager is designed in a simple, fun and basic way. However, the wooden balls can sometimes become a little harsh on your scalp, especially if you have sensitive skin. Having a solid construction, these massagers are very durable.

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#5 – DCI Rainbow

DCI Rainbow head massagerDCI Rainbow is basic and simple product that features a variety of metal tines with plastic tips for additional comfort, that are displayed in fun and bright rainbow colors, making it an ideal tool to be used by children during their very first experience of unfettered tingles.

Although some customers suggested that DCI should be slightly larger for better functionality, the device’s small, lightweight design is what makes it the perfect size for a travel bag or purse. With this, you are sure of having the option of a quick and soothing scalp massage either when traveling or while you’re away from home.  The DCI scalp massager provides you with a simple, perfect and easy-to-use first time experience to the pleasures and enjoyment of scalp massage without having to go to a salon or spa.

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Practical Application of Skullcap Spa-ing

Similar to other traditional wellness treatments, scalp massages and general massages aren’t meant to be a feel-good luxury technique. Scalp massage has been found to be quite beneficial especially to patients who suffered from a stroke, because the massage generally leaves both their minds and bodies in a perfect state for future activities, whether mentally or physically driven.

Skullcap massages are very helpful way for relieving headaches naturally. Normally, massages are conducted using fingers which provide a more subtle manipulation of the skin which in turn provides you with ease if the right amount of pressure is applied on the intended area.

This kind of massage is a common occurrence in airport lounges that offer their customers with the treatment at an optional extra cost. If you fly frequently, then you can easily save some money by purchasing a personal portable head massager that you can travel with wherever you go.

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