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The Best Massage Stones for Your Home Spa (2021 Update)

There’s nothing as reinvigorating and relaxing like having a hot stone massage. Luckily, you don’t necessarily have to go a professional masseuse for this because you can create your own spa day from the confines of your home. All you need is a couple of decent massage stones and a heater.

Finding the perfect massage stones can often be a daunting task. Below is a list of some of the best massage stone available in the market that will be a perfect choice for your home spa.

1. Zabrina Professional Large Basalt Massage Stone Set

Zabrina Professional Large Basalt Massage Stone SetIf you’re a first time hot stone massage user, the Zabrina stone set is a great choice for you. The stones come in different sizes and shapes. This means you’ll be able to massage and treat your whole body with only one set. Also, the massage stones are pretty affordable and are made from high quality material.

The Zabrina massage stone set include:

  • 4 large stones (measuring 3.2”x3.2”) which are perfect for your abdomen and back
  • 4 medium stones (measuring 2.4”x2.4”) perfect for massaging your legs and arms
  • 8 small stones (measuring 1.2”x1.6”) which are perfect for your feet and hand

In total, there are 16 smooth basalt massage stones. Basalt is a type of volcanic rock.

Basalt stones are normally used for treating people with sore muscles, poor blood circulation, and those that are stressed up. The stones are also a homemade remedy for beauty treatment. The massage stones heat up fast and maintain the heat for a long time.

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2. Aloha Bay Himalayan Salt Massage Stones

Aloha Bay Himalayan Salt Massage StonesHimalayan salt is popularly used as treatment for a wide variety of health problems. Massage stones made from Himalayan salt are not easy to find. However, the Aloha Bay Company offers a lovely set comprising of 2 Himalayan salt massage stones at a very affordable price.

The massage stones heat up pretty fast and can maintain the heat for almost 20 minutes. The stones are heavy enough and can be used on almost all body parts. All you need to do is heat them up and they’re ready to be used. However, if you’re not very tolerant to heat, let the stones cool for about 4-5 minutes before using them.

Using Himalayan massage stones heals sore muscles, improves blood circulation, relaxes your body and mind, and boosts your energy level. Although these are salt stones, they are quite durable and are easy to clean. All you have to do is rinse them using water and massage oil and they will last longer.

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  1. Sivan Health and Fitness Basalt Lava Hot Stone Massage Set

Sivan Health and Fitness Basalt Lava Hot Stone Massage SetThe Sivan Health Basalt Lava set comprises of luxurious and large massage stones that can be used on every part of the body. The massage stones come in a beautiful package.

The stone set is normally used for elaborate and luxurious massages. The package includes:

  • A wooden storage box
  • 2 very large stones
  • 12 slightly larger stones
  • 18 medium stones
  • 8 small stones

Sivan Health is one of the most popular massage stone sets. The set comprises of a number of high quality, smooth stones of different sizes.

The largest stones can be used on the back and chest while the slightly large stones are meant for the lower back and stomach. The medium sized ones can be used on the arm and thighs while the small ones are meant for the hands and feet. If you’d like to create a perfect and enjoyable spa day at home, then this is the perfect set for you.

Although this stone set is more expensive than others, the price is justifiable. The only drawback is the storage box of the stone, which is made of wood. Some people have complained about it cracking and even sometimes breaking in different areas.

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4. Zabrina Professional Massage Basalt Hot Rock Set

Zabrina Personal Massage Basalt Hot Rock SetThe final item on the list is also a Zabrina product. The stone set comprises of 5 large high quality massage stones, each measuring 3.1”x3.1”. The massage stone are best s for overstressed or overworked people who often have a lot of tension around the neck and back. The stones can also be used on the stomach. Their smooth surfaces they feel great on one’s skin.

The Zabrina Professional massage stones provide a wonderful and relaxing sensation. This makes them a perfect for your home spa.

A great feature about the product is its price. Considering the quality of the stones, it’s an excellent bargain. The massage stones heat up pretty fast and also maintain the heat well. Since they become very hot, be very careful when using them. If you have low tolerance for heat, let them cool for a while.

The only drawback of the product it that it only has 5 stones. However, given their size, it’s not a major concern. This is especially since the stones are not meant to be used on all parts of the body.

Generally, Zabrina Personal Massage Basalt stone set is a great product for a home spa.

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