best neck and shoulder massager

Best Neck and Shoulder Massager

Having a neck and shoulder massager is a great way to unwind after a long and tiresome day at work where you were hunched over a computer screen after having to scrunch yourself in the seat of a public bus and later slump your exhausted and weary muscles at the end of the day. The devices are also the focal point that helps you to convey good health and posture.

You won’t always get the chance of visiting a spa to get a professional massage every time tension sets in. However, by getting yourself a handheld neck and shoulder massager, you’ll be purchasing a simple, effective and helpful tool that you can use at home to help you relieve your aching muscles from all the tension. Without saying these neck and shoulder massagers are an ideal way for you to rejuvenate and refresh tired muscles in your body.

Best Neck and Shoulder Massager Review 2018

#1: Five Star FS8801

Five Star FS8801The FS8801 unit is a bi-directional, corded massager that has 8 roller heads that work on your neck and shoulders with a professional massage experience that can be extended further to other parts of the body.

This is an easy-to-use unit that comes with its own car charger, so you can decide to enjoy a soothing massage while driving to work or just set it up at home after a long day at work. However, the charging cord is quite short, meaning that you’ll have to seat very close to a power socket (which isn’t such a good thing). The roller mechanism isn’t typically smooth and you may find it to be a little uncomfortable.

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#2: Naipo Shoulder Massager

Naipo Shoulder MassagerThis is a back, neck and shoulder Shiatsu massager that comes with 8 nodes which will help soothe and relax your aching and tired muscles. The unit also comes with a heat function that will improve your overall blood and lymph circulation as well as warm up tight muscles.

The Naipo massager is very easy to operate. It has hand straps that give you the right amount of control so that it remains stagnant over the parts of your body that need to be massaged. It uses heavy duty motors and also comes with an auto shut off function. It is an amazing unit that is very affordable.

The downside of this unit is the few lemons which a small number of unlucky customers received. This might be the reason why the distributor offers a 30 days refund policy and a 24 month warranty as pertaining to quality issues.

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#3: Naturalico Shiatsu Massager

Naturalico Shiatsu MassagerNaturalico is similar to the LiBa massaging unit as it has 4 massage nodes which will help you neck and should muscles to relax. You can choose to either have the rollers going between back and forth directions or in just one direction. The unit also comes with an auto shut off function (for safety purposes) as well as heat.

Most customers said that they used this massager to relieve lower back pains and the unit did not fail them. Whether you have back, neck or shoulder pain, you can use the massager as you relax on the sofa enjoying a relaxing and warm DIY home spa.

However, this massager isn’t meant to be used while you’re lying down because the rollers will stop immediately you put your body weight on it. Also, if your body is sensitive, you may want to go for lighter massaging units. Most customers claimed that the massager hurts while there are others who said that they enjoyed the massager because it performed deep kneading massages.

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#4: LiBa Shiatsu Massager

LiBa Shiatsu MassagerThe LiBa Shiatsu massager is well known for its ability to not only massage the neck and shoulders but also works on the back and waist. The unit has bi-directional movement and 4 massage nodes. It comes with an auto shutoff mechanism as well as heat.

If you prefer deep massages, this is the perfect unit for you because the nodes perform deep-kneading movements and offer deep tissue massages.

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#5: Neckteck Deep Kneading Massager

Neckteck Deep Kneading MassagerThe Neckteck massaging unit is a little more expensive than the regular units found on this list. However, it comes with 2 massage directions, 3 customized speed modes and 8 massaging heads that are perfect for performing a custom deep tissue massage. As it name suggests, this unit specializes in deep-kneading massages which can be performed on all parts of the body.

The massager also comes with a ten minute auto shut-off function and heat. The benefit of this model is that it keeps both you and the massager safe. The downside of the unit is unlike other brands the units shuts down 5 or 10 minutes earlier.

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#6: Brookstone Massager

Brookstone MassagerAll the neck and shoulder massagers found on the list are awesome because they all come with a wall plug as well as a car charger. However, the Brookstone Massager is a cordless unit making it an easy-to-use and very convenient device. You’ll be able to relax more when there are not a lot of cords attached to your massager which always end up limiting your body movements.

The device comes with a heater and an auto timer that can be set for 20 minutes duration. This feature will help you to enjoy the 8 Shiatsu nodes without any difficulties. If you have a small physique and would prefer getting softer massages, this is the perfect unit for you. On the other hand, if you’re huge and have a lot of body mass, you should go for another model.

The downside of this unit is its price. When compared to the other popular massaging units, it is more expensive. However, the Brookstone Massager is an ideal and solid unit. You wouldn’t want to keep being worried about the possibility of the device you purchased shutting down suddenly or not powering up after just one month.

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#7: Gideon Portable Massager

Gideon Portable MassagerIf you’re looking for a device that performs deep tissue massages of multiple directions then the Gideon Portable Massager is it. With optimal heat therapy and 8 massage heads you’ll be getting a warm and soothing repair to your strained and tired muscles. The device is probably suited to be used on women because it doesn’t perform well on people who have broad shoulders.

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Why Massage?

If performed properly, by either a good quality massaging unit or a qualified professional, massages have a very important role of relieving tension and repairing damaged muscled which formed as a result of the strains and stress we constantly go through in our everyday life and work. Rather than indulging in relaxation, a properly done massage using the right type of tool can become an important part of your wellness kit. This will ensure that your damaged and tired muscles don’t affect your health, posture and bone structure which will later become a problem as you age.

Massages are a form of relaxation which is an affordable, good and quick way of relieving stress that is often a major threat to your personal well-being and workplace productivity. You can also use massages to help rekindle your romantic feeling without using words, special setting or expensive gestures.

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