best memory foam mattress toppers

Best Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Memory foam mattress toppers were designed with the sole purpose of covering regular mattresses so that they can provide you with similar benefits as those of memory foam mattresses without having to purchase the expensive products.

The benefits of memory foam include; less bouncing, squeaking and sagging. Also there is an observable benefit of easy pressure points which is good for people who experience lower back pains. With the right product you won’t have to struggle trying to find the right sleeping position.

You may find a complete memory foam mattress to be very firm than what you’d prefer, however, by pacing a memory foam topper on top of a regular mattress, you’ll get to enjoy the best of each – a certain degree of firmness from the memory foam plus additional support and comfort.

Pros and Cons of Memory Foam

If it’s your first time to use products made from memory foam, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the strengths and weaknesses of the product so that so that you can avoid any unpleasant surprises.


  • Low maintenance
  • On a regular basis, memory foam toppers has been found to be beneficial to people who experience lower back pain, neck arthritis, sciatica and several other conditions.
  • It isn’t bouncy as compared to other mattresses
  • Reduces soreness in pressure points enabling you to have a restful sleep


  • Can be quite expensive
  • Full memory foam mattresses are pretty heavy and are not easy to turn
  • Traps Carbon Dioxide (Co2) which makes it an unsafe choice for children and infants
  • Retains heat and can therefore be uncomfortably sweaty during the night
  • Very firm which most people don’t like

Unlike the very heavy and bulky memory foam mattresses, toppers are lighter, thinner, smaller and very affordable. You can pair the product with your regular mattress. Most of the time, people purchase memory foam mattresses so that they can offer further support to a very soft mattress or for their pain relieving properties.

The main drawback of using a memory foam topper is that when they are not anchored securely at the corners of the mattress, they can easily move around. Also, when the toppers are new, they can give an unpleasant smell brought about by gassing off that will stop after a few days.

Memory foam is still one of the best products and you should consider getting memory foam pillows too. You can opt to purchase a memory foam mattress for your master bedroom and toppers for the mattresses in the other bedrooms.

Best Memory Foam Mattress Toppers 2018

#1: Lucid 3” Gel Topper

Lucid 3” Gel TopperThis memory foam mattress topper is available in 2” and 4” versions providing you the ability to choose kind of density you prefer. Without saying, the higher the density, the more comfort and support you’ll get plus the firmer your topper will be.

The toppers come in various sizes that fit on almost any kind of bed. Also, the manufacturers (LinenSpa) are very prompt in addressing customer complains. Like the other brands of memory foam toppers on the list, the Lucid’s brand is also a gel-infused mattress topper that features a special ventilated design. This two functions help reduce the heat retention function common in memory foam.

The 2” topper in not as supportive or firm but would be perfect pick for someone looking to add a soft touch to their old mattress. On the other hand, given its density, the 4” topper is a lot softer than you would expect. A lot of people equate the 3” topper to having the same feel as a medium firm mattress.

Who is it for? Thanks to its gel infusion and ventilated design, this topper is suitable for people looking for a memory foam mattress pad that will not become too hot. If you live in a humid environment then this is the perfect pick for you.

Value for Money

This memory foam mattress topper is very expensive but with its capability to retain heat, its overall support and comfort, especially the 3” model make the price worthwhile.

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#2: LinenSpa 2” Gel Infused

LinenSpa 2” Gel InfusedAs mentioned above, memory foam has the capability to retain body heat which can result to an uncomfortable and sweaty night’s sleep. The LinenSpa gel infusion mattress topper is designed to provide you with coolness unlike other memory foam products.

It has a very good price but it mostly meant for addition comfort than support. The topper will surely provide you with a good night’s sleep on an uncomfortable mattress, but its density isn’t sufficient enough to provide enough support for people suffering from back and joint pain. The product also performs well when used on futons and sofas.

Who is it for? If you’re simply looking for a topper that will provide you with a little extra comfort though out the night and don’t intend to use a lot of money, this could be just what you need.

Value for Money

For a basic and cheap mattress topper that will soften your regular mattress a little, this is the perfect product for you. But if you’re also looking for more support and comfort from a memory foam product that will help you with joint and back pain, you should go for a better brand.

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#3: Dream Foam 2” Bedding

Dream Foam 2″ BeddingThe Dream Foam Bedding DF20GT2050 model is a low heat retaining and comfortable memory foam mattress topper which is cooler than most of the other memory foam products. It will provide you with the required level of support and comfort especially for people with joint and back pains including arthritis and sciatica.

The manufacturers provide you with a range of sizes, where all of them can be folded or cut to easily suit your needs. The mattress topper can also be folded easily making it ideal to be used on futons or sofas ensuring your guests are comfortable and have a good night sleep. The product is also cheap so if you are looking for something affordable that will provide you with the kind of comfort and support you need, this is the perfect choice.

Who is it for? Although this topper is suitable for almost everybody, it is mostly beneficial for people with sciatica, fibromyalgia as well as back and joint pain.

Value for Money

This mattress topper is affordable (and pretty cool) that will have you feeling as if you are sleeping on a brand new mattress and at a fraction of the initial cost.

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#4: Best Price 4” Topper

Best Price 4″ TopperThis topper is averagely-firm mattress foam by Best Price. Most people should find it to be comfortable unless you prefer a very soft or particularly firm mattress. Although this mattress topper has a high price, getting it will be cheaper than purchasing a brand new mattress. In most cases, the product is as effective as revitalizing an uncomfortable old bed and for just a fraction of the price.

This memory foam mattress topper also limits the impact of motion, therefore if you’re bedmate is a restless sleeper, this product will help you enjoy your sleep because you won’t be able to feel the movements they make throughout the night.

Who is it for? Being a medium firm product, the Best Price mattress topper is pretty much the ideal product suitable for everyone.

Value for Money

It may be a bit expensive but it is also much cheaper than a brand new mattress, plus it offers you with the same feel of a new mattress would.

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#5: Red Nomad Queen Size

Red Nomad Queen SizeThe Red Nomad Queen Size is memory foam of low density. This means that the topper is softer than the typical memory foam products are. However, it also means that the topper is less supportive and may therefore not be the ideal product to help you deal with lower back pain or sciatica. If you are mainly looking for additional comfort and support for your regular mattress and you don’t want to give up that soft sleeping surface, this may be the perfect fit for you.

The topper is designed using a Cool Cycle polymer technology that helps in reducing the sweatiness which is associated with memory foam products. The product is available in different sizes that will fit perfectly on any bed. It is deliberately sized to provide a snug fit especially when using fitted sheets over the top leaving you with not only stylish bed furnishings but with a good night’s sleep as well.

Some people, especially those who prefer firm mattresses or experience lower back pains, might not appreciate this product. If you fall under this category, it would be best to look for a product with higher density.

Who is it for? This Memory foam mattress topper is the perfect product for people who are simply looking to add a little extra support and comfort to their regular mattress.

Value for Money

As long as you’re sure about the kind of product you are purchasing, this is an averagely priced product. It is not very affordable but it’s also not very expensive either.

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