memory foam mattress odor elimination

Memory Foam Mattress Odor Elimination

Why Does Memory Foam Smell Bad?

Memory Foam was originally invented in around 1966 by NASA’s research center. Their main intention was to develop improved airplane cushions. The product is made from polyurethane and other chemicals. To comply with the safety standards, some of the products used are treated using flame retardants.

In return the compounds are released or “gas off” from the foam. The smell is similar to that of a newly painted room and it disperses after some time. Depending on the type of brand and item, the process can take a few days or even a few weeks.

How to Remove Bad Smell from New Memory Foam

Air the Memory Foam

air out the memory foam mattress
Air Out the Memory Foam Mattress

The bad smell is normally strongest during the first days when the item is taken out of its packaging. Don’t air your pillow in an enclosed room because you’ll end up having an entire room that smells like paint or chemicals.

The proper way to air you memory foam is by putting it in a room that has good ventilation. Make sure that the doors and windows are open so that air can get into the room. A good alternative is to let the memory foam lean against a window then keep alternating the sides periodically.

Expose it to Sunlight

If the weather is favorable, leave your memory foam on the porch. Note that the foam doesn’t do well under extreme temperatures so make sure to put it under the shade when the sun is too hot. Also if you’re not certain about whether it is going to rain during the day, leave it somewhere that has a roof.

put the memory foam mattress in sunlight
Expose the Memory Foam Mattress to Sunlight

Baking Soda

If you’re not aware, baking soda is a magical ingredient. A little sprinkle a bit directly on your odorous memory foam pillow or mattress will help in getting rid of the stink. You should then let it stand for at least a day or two.

After that you can now vacuum or shake the remaining powder off the pillow. This procedure will help minimize the bad odor.

Cheat with Fabric Spray

If you have some Febreze or any other deodorized fabric spray at home, spray a little on to your foam. A repeat of this will help get rid of the bad smell off your memory foam in a few days.

Organic Citrus Cleaning Spray

If you make your own citrus deodorizing/cleaning spray, it will work some wonders on your memory foam pillow and also other commercial brands. We recommend Citrus Magic Spray.

What Not to Do to Your Memory Foam

Note that liquid and heat are the two natural enemies of memory foam. The following are some of the things you should avoid subjecting your memory foam to:

  • Never use hot water to clean it
  • Don’t put it in the dryer
  • Don’t scrub your memory foam with an abrasive sponge or surface
  • Don’t put it in the washing machine


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