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Join our community of hundreds of thousands of individuals, passionate about health and wellness! Writing for Rinnovi Medical Spa allows you to be a part of this circle and to spread the health message effectively and clearly. Once you have submitted your article, subject to acceptance by our Editorial Team, we will post it on our website, which receives over 100,000 visits each month, and the link to the article will be shared on major social networks like Facebook (120,000 followers and growing), Twitter, Google+, and/or Pinterest. Your article will also become part of the health and wellness library published on Rinnovi Medical Spa.

Writing for Rinnovi Medical Spa will help give you and your business exposure to thousands of eager individuals wanting to improve their health. You will attract potential clients and grow your brand simply by writing great posts! Your article might be given some copyright editing to help it reach a wider audience, and it will also be reviewed for any errors prior to being published.

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Guidelines for our potential writers:

  • Original Content

All posts must be original and not published or submitted anywhere else online. Posts that are published on Rinnovi Medical Spa may not be distributed to other sites without written consent from Rinnovi Medical Spa;

  • Word count

Try to keep posts between 600 and 1500 words;

  • Brief and Compelling First Paragraph

The first paragraph should be short, engaging, and clearly describe what the article is about. A quality first paragraph is crucial and may be the only chance you have to grab the reader’s attention.

  • Use plain English

Some of our readers are new to the ideas discussed in our content. When determining word usage, try to assume the reader does not have experience with health and wellness topics.

  • Writer Bio

If you would like you can provide a short bio for use in your articles. Simply send it to us through the contact form, together with your article. Short bios are great way to advertise your own site or business.

  • Cite Sources

If you refer to a study or statistic, it is necessary to provide a link or reference to that source. This will allow our readers a means of following up on the information provided and add support to your claims.

  • Acknowledgements:

By contributing to Rinnovi Medical Spa you acknowledge that editing by our staff, of any content, may occur at the discretion of our Editorial Team. Rinnovi Medical Spa reserves to right to modify, publish, or not publish any articles submitted.